My sessions will be for you, if you are feeling disconnected to life or you are stuck in a situation where you can no longer see a way forward. Whatever your situation, you are tired of living this way and you’re ready to regain control so that you can live the life you deserve.

These sessions will be for you if:

  • You are desperately seeking change and want to regain control of your life
  • You experience feelings of depression and sadness regularly
  • You have experienced a past trauma which is impacting your daily life
  • You have difficulty in sustaining long term close relationships

What will sessions with me do for you?

Each person will respond in their own unique way to a session with me. Some of the expectations you can have, may be:

  • To experience a great sense of release. You will no longer be overwhelmed by worry and burdened by problems you thought would never leave you. You will feel lighter and happier.
  • To discover a deep sense of peace from within which will allow to you calmly face any day to day stresses that arise.
  • To become very clear about what you want and how to achieve your goals and dreams, and in the process your self esteem and self confidence will greatly increase.
  • To experience your heart opening as you attract the things and people you resonate with, and as a result, have deeper and more meaningful connections with others.
  • To find relief from physical pain, leaving you to enjoy better overall health with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

What does a session involve?

Every person is unique, so each session (or balance) is centered around what it is you want to achieve, and what your needs are at the time.

We will start with having a chat about why you came to see me, while I also take a detailed history of your general health. Then you get to relax on a treatment table, fully clothed, with shoes removed. The session can also be performed sitting or standing if required. I recommend women wear long pants instead of dresses or skirts.

If you have not had Kinesiology before I will explain how it works and what to expect, during and after the consultation, and answer any questions you may have. The initial session will take 1.5 hours and follow up sessions will be 1 hour in duration.

It’s important to note that throughout the Kinesiology session, we will be guided by your own body’s natural healing ability.

The basis of Kinesiology is muscle monitoring, a bio feedback method, which is essentially a way of communicating with the body on a subconscious level. I will gently apply light pressure to certain muscles of the arms and legs to help find stress and energy imbalances in the body.

One of the most important aspects of the session is the emotional connection to the body’s stress. This is usually held at the subconscious level and is the very thing that is blocking us and preventing us from moving forward.

We then work together on clearing this stress from the body using various techniques, which may include such things as acupressure, flower essences and brain gym exercises.


It’s time to re-ignite your Passion for living!

If you’ve reached the end of your tether and genuinely want to transform your life, then book your Kinesiology session now.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I am currently seeing clients  via a live online platform. Click on “Make Appointment” to view current availability.

My clinic is situated in East Ivanhoe. There is unrestricted street parking. Eaglemont train station is within a 10 minute walk.



"I was initially nervous about my first kinesiology session, however I always felt supported, nurtured and in a safe space to share my deeper concerns. I found the treatments impacted my overall wellbeing and outlook in a positive way, and I experienced a sense of release and calm as a result. I would definitely recommend Julie, if you are looking for a holistic approach to balancing personal wellbeing."


"I was initially sceptical about the simplicity of the techniques used in the sessions. However, I had profound results with several issues including psoriasis, vertigo and breathing difficulties. I always felt comfortable and in safe hands with Julie. I have also gained more energy, emotional balance and clarity since my sessions. Based on these surprising results I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Julie."


When you have a session with Julie you will experience her passion for helping others and over 2 decades of wisdom gained from her own personal transformation. I say this confidently because I’ve experienced it. My personal and professional life has improved in so many different ways from the sessions I’ve had with Julie. The sessions are insightful, relaxed and transformational. Thank you so much Julie for planting new seeds in my life from our sessions and for your support in so many ways.


After my sessions with Julie, I have left feeling much less stressed, clearer in mind and with a sense of lasting calm. She is gentle and confident in her practice. I cannot explain how it works .... but it works!


I love Julie's passion for her practice. She really has your best interest at heart and genuinely wants to help and improve your health and wellbeing. I can say from personal experience that I felt better and more connected with myself and body after treatments with her.