About ME


My journey with Kinesiology began in my late 30’s. After a traumatic childhood, I had been existing through life and appeared happy enough. My past had been buried away and literally blocked from my memory. Until one day, a situation at work triggered something in me which led to an emotional break down, followed by deep depression.

Through a friend’s recommendation I came upon a person, who I was told, could help me. That person turned out to be a Kinesiologist and that first session significantly changed my life.

Everything started to turn around from then on. I mended a broken relationship with a family member, I found love and married, and I finally knew what it felt like to be at peace.

As I emerged from living a life of merely existing to living a life of meaning and feeling empowered to manifest the life I dreamed of, I was compelled to share my experience and help others.

I am grateful to have found my life direction and purpose because of Kinesiology. Following my life changing experience, I knew that I wanted to help others to find the same peace I found, and so one of my greatest achievements was completing my qualifications in this field.



I love seeing my clients awaken, as they reconnect with their heart to realise their full potential.

From my experience I have found Kinesiology to be the most holistic of all natural therapies. I believe our own body’s wisdom is the source of healing on all levels of our being, be it structural, chemical or emotional. I love how this modality can create powerful changes through gentle and calming techniques, without the need to revisit the source of the pain over and over. By not only working with the physical, but with the energetic systems of the body, profound healing and transformation can take place.

Prior to Kinesiology I was employed in the travel and tourism industry for many years, both in Melbourne and Far North QLD. I still love traveling and when I am not learning more about Kinesiology, I like to cycle, do pilates and cook good food. I am also very passionate about animals, dogs in particular.


Diploma of Kinesiology.
Level 5 Registered Practitioner with the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association)

To find out more about Kinesiology and the services I offer, contact me via the form below to find out more about how I can help you on your journey to transformation.

Registered member of the
Australian Kinesiology Association.