I’m a Melbourne based Kinesiologist and I help people who are feeling stuck and are desperately seeking change. I help my clients breakthrough the resistance that prevents them from moving forward, so they can reconnect with their authentic self and live the life they truly desire.

Using Kinesiology, I help my clients awaken to a new awareness, so that they can live their life being fully present. I support them to make the positive changes they need, so they can move towards a life filled with meaning and purpose.

My clients:
· Wake up each day feeling connected to life with their whole being, feeling energized and empowered.
· Have a clear vision of their future and know that they are progressing each day towards achieving their goals and dreams
· Have a solid sense of inner peace, whilst living their life with passion and purpose.

I’m Julie Barca and as a professional Kinesiology practitioner, I will help you uncover and release the blocks that are preventing you from making positive changes and moving forward.

I will help you reconnect to your inner direction as you rediscover your authentic self and lead you to your life purpose.

I provide Kinesiology services in Ivanhoe, and the surrounding suburbs of Heidelberg, Fairfield, Clifton Hill, Kew, Bulleen, Balwyn, Preston, and Lower Templestowe.

Live one to one Kinesiology sessions are also available via an online platform (Zoom).  

“I am passionate about helping my clients transform from a life of pain to a life of peace and joy.”

Julie Barca